Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hearing from you!

Zooks didn't fill out a comment card. They were too busy all getting on the same side of the table for the picture.
We had comment cards scattered on the tables at the Strawberry Social last Sunday. Here are a few of the comments:

What is your best memory of the New Life Church?

When Allan, Del, Terri & I all got baptized at the same time as a going-away gesture to Pat Phinney. Allan was supposed to go first, but he pushed Del in front. They were the best of friends from then on. My hope for the future is that my son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren also get baptized here. The church has meant the world to me, it has built my faith beyond what I expected. -- P.T

What has this church meant to you?

All the 36 years I was a missionary in Ivory Coast, this church had a part in supporting me finanically and with prayer. Frist, one lady, then the Ruth Casey mission circle and then the church itself. God is still working in the Ivory Coast. -- R. C.

I have grown up in this church, and I have loved the love and hugs and smiles that people give me. I am thankful that I could be involved in the music and what not. -- L. R.

A place to make new friends and a place to bring old ones. -- C. S.

What are you most hopeful about in the future of the New Life Church?

I rejoice to see how you are reaching out. I pray that God will use you to reach many with the Good News. Thank you for helping me! -- R. C.

I am so excited that we have been blessed to plant a church, and I hope we can plant many more! I am also hopeful for many other things, but that's one. -- L. R.

I hope we soon plant a church in O.C.! -- C. S.

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