Thursday, June 29, 2006

Devastation -- 9 months later

After 9 months of clean-up Pass Christian is still a long way from looking like a normal city. Here are some pictures of what we've seen.


Lori Elliott said...

Wow! Where is the government aid going? This is America? I'm saddened by these pictures I see from the comfort of my home and moved to pray for their reality...what home? Lord, let your mercy flow from Heaven on this community! Lord, forgive me for sweating over the small stuff like a lawn with dry-grass patches and a pantry with ants. Father, fill our hearts with compassion and move us to lift PC up to you in prayer for their physical and spiritual needs. Don't let us at New Life just feel pity and do nothing...motivate us to pray, open our pocket books, volunteer for trips to PC to help and even send encouraging notes to the church family of BFC. God, you are so very good!

Louise B said...

Amen, Lori! It is clear the work will not be done for a long long time.
Here we are sweating the small stuff and forgetting out brothers and sisters there that need even the smallest stuff.
Open our eyes and hearts Lord.