Monday, May 01, 2006

Missionary of the Month

Dan and Alice Simmons are our missionaries for May. They will be visiting us May 7th because Dan will be recieved his D.Miss. from Western Seminary last weekend! Be sure and congratulate him when you see him.

The Simmons live and work in Rome and Ostia, Italy.
Primary Ministry Focus
Evangelism and leadership training.
The People The people who live in the fast-paced urban setting of Rome and who hold to a cultural-religious background in which traditions are carefully maintained.
Major Challenges The difficulty of communicating with people who are materialistic, who keep busy schedules, and who try to appear satisfied in their urban, affluent Western culture.
Prayer Focus That the Lord will bring new believers together into small groups related to local churches, that local churches will collaborate to form a united movement, and that Italian church leaders will accept the responsibility of evangelizing their own people.

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