Sunday, May 21, 2006

Game, Set, MATCH

The Gandolfos, Italian Church Planters
The GAME was started by Dan & Alice Simmons last month. They are inviting anyone to help the Gandolfos (pictured here) to remodel an unused portion of their home into an apartment. This would provide additional income for the family as they plant a church in Ostia, Italy. You can read their original invitation here.

To that end, the elders SET up a fund to collect money to send to them for this project. We became convinced there were several advantages to collecting it here instead of routing a bunch of independent checks to their mission board. We will collect funds through the summer.

And, an anonymous donor has agreed to MATCH every dollar given through our fund. So, every dollar you give to the "Gandolfo's Remodel" will be find a friend and become two dollars. So don't hesitate.

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