Wednesday, May 24, 2006

65th Anniversary

On June 11th we will celebrate the 65th anniversary of New Life Church, formerly known as West Linn Baptist Church. Come join the fun and remember the faithfulness of God to people many of us didn't even know. We didn't know their names, but they paved the way for us.

Here's a little quiz. Do you know anyone in this picture? Do you know what they were doing? About what year would this have been?


Anonymous said...

We know almost everyone in the group. They were called "The Living Edition" and were a great group of young people who sang for the Lord. I believe the year was 1974, give or take a year. They sang for W.L.B.C. and were also invited to sing in churches around Oregon. Many are still active in New Life Church today and even though it was over 30 years ago many are still easy to recognize. They represented a very special time in the life of our church...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Loving mommys shouldn't send links like this to their daughters before said daughters have had their morning coffee..blast from the past and all that.

Happily there were only a handful of "I don't remembers" when I was telling MY daughter the names of all those kids. You just don't forget a group of people that you sang with, prayed with, fought with, forgave, travelled with ("The bus goes North") and grew up with.

Prayers for all of you as you celebrate your anniversary. Prayers for new life to swirl through everything you do.

Here's hoping we all dress better now! Happy anniversary.

Anonymous said...

What a great picture! Only because I wasn't in it. The first year of the group, Susie Carlson, Linda Sanchez, my sister Cindy and I were the tag alongs. What great memories I have of those Living Edition years, to be part of it, first watching then being apart of the singing.
Many blessings to all in the group and thank you to all who have had apart in the foundations of my faith during my West Linn 1st Baptist Days.
Julia (Davis) Valovich

Anonymous said...

For my family and I, West Linn Baptist Church will always have great memories for us.

To see the picture of the group we had is full of memories (who is that good-looking guy 3rd up on the rightside?) I have a couple of the Living Edition tapes and play
once in awhile.

Highlights for me, would be the support that we had from the people who were attending WLBC.
Who will ever forget the trips to
, to Idaho to California; the retreats at Seacrest; the paper drives to earn money for our trips;
services at the Seaman's center when our choir sang to just three Chinese sailors, two of them accepting Christ as Savior; the service at the Rescue Mission where John Bayless spoke; had a bottle in a brown bag, that he broke; upsetting one man who left and came back with a knife to get John?

One of the retreats at SeaCrest when we showed the movie dealing with the end times; it is over, I move to the front to close, and the kids were huddled together, weeping. I tried to close but broke down myself, and then all of a sudden Jeff Sanchez picked up the prayer. I gave an invitation for anyone who needed to know Jesus, talk to me or the youth pastor from Mollalla(sp). Later that night the youth pastor came to me, to tell me a young man who came to him. He was a tall husky young man, but he was crying. 'Why?' The youth pastor asked him.

His answer I will always remember.
'The movie did nothing to me, but when that man picked on Pastor Ken's prayer, it wiped me out.'

He prayed to receive Christ. About 15 years ago, I ran into the Senior pastor of that Church. He said, 'do you remember (didn't),'
he one of the greatest soul winners I know.

We've seen some of that Living Edition group, become a missionary;
taught school in Taiwan; leaders in their churches.

I have had the privilege of performing the weddings of a couple of the young people.

Special thank you's have to go to Marc Trueb for doing a great job.
Gib and Nancy Carlson, Jeff and Marlene Sanchez and again, the
church itself.

We will never know how many came to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior during those years. Two that I know of have gone to be with the Lord.

We were blessed. Thank you to West Linn Baptist church for putting up with me and my family for being so supportive. All of our children are active in their churches, Julia is married to a pastor; Cindy to a teacher in a Christian school and she teaches half a day; Lorraine married to a computer whiz; Jeff a year ago graduated from Arizona State with a Doctorate in music and taught last year at Boise State College.
Marc played a significant role in being their for Jeff.

I could go on and on, but I will close.

Thanks for the memories, see you in Glory.

Ken Davis

RevReav said...

Thank you for your ministry, Ken & Marc. You touched a lot of lives. What great stories these are.


Louise B said...

Ken, Marc & Scott
After I read the comments I had to send this to Jeff S. He jokingly says that email is 'the tool of the devil' so I had to print it out and mail it to him. I am waiting for his response. I also invited him to the 65th anniversary celebration.
Thanks to all 3 of your for your time and effort in honoring God with your talents.

Louise Bennett