Saturday, April 22, 2006

Steps for Life!

Our son Hudson started taking his first steps this month. As much joy as that brings to my heart, it makes me think of the millions of children who never get a chance to take those first steps.

Pregnancy Resource Centers are great places where women who are in a crisis pregnancy can go to get resources and counsel which encourages them to give life to their unborn children. Many of the centers even have ultra-sound machines which allow mothers to see their babies before they make their life or death decision.

On Saturday May 20th, our church will be participating in "Steps for Life" which benefits the Portland area Pregnancy Resource Centers. The goal is to get pledges for financial donations from friends and relatives and to give the money to PRC to help them keep saving lives of unborn children.

If you would like to participate in the walk or make a pledge for someonw who is walking, contact Kerri Corbett @ 503-786-4665. She can get you a pledge brochure and give you the details about where our group will meet on the day of the walk.


RevReav said...

Overnight Nathan has become a blogomaniac!

Louise B said...

Nathan, I plan to join you in the walk. I will let Kerri know.
Hudson is so cute in this picture...takes after his daddy!

Louise B.