Sunday, April 02, 2006

Operation World

Scott Creps referenced this book in his sermon this morning as a great tool to help you love, pray for and reach out to the people of the world who need Christ like the people of Nineveh did.

Operation World, 21st Century Edition

By Patrick Johnstone & Jason Mandryk / Send The Light Inc/paternoster

The standard tool for missions and intercession has been updated again. It includes information accurate as of April 2001, and describes the fruits of several ongoing missionary efforts.

Based on the supposition that "When we pray God works," Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk have put together a prayer guide covering the entire populated world. Whether you are an intercessor praying behind the scenes for world change, or a missionary reaping the benefits of intercession, Operation World will give you the information necessary to bring the good news to those who have not heard it. It offers demographic and geographical information for every country in the world, as well as answers to prayer (for applicable countries), and prayer requests.

Alphabetized for easy reference, Operation World offers some of the most useful and comprehensive data geared to missions and evangelization. And the appendices are packed with contact information, names of government officials, resources, etc. The book is indexed by people groups and place, so information is always easy to find and use. Pray for countries that are put on your heart, or follow the year-long plan in the book and pray for the whole world. Either way, you can be part of the Great Commission, and help to spread the Gospel.

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