Monday, April 24, 2006

The Great Grant Giveaway

Sunday 18 people received $50 each just for showing up to church. Several people remarked they'd never been to a service where the church actually gave the people some money.

The theme of the day was stewardship. These people were entrusted their $50 as stewards. In that respect the $50 dollars are not any different than any other money that passes through their wallets. But for this project they are to report back by May 21st to tell us what they did with that $50 to build the kingdom of God.

I have heard some FANTASTIC ideas already. One participant said, "I can hardly wait to see what everyone else does with their $50."

I know they'd appreciate your prayers. Here is a list:
Mike Burch
Aaron Doyle
Lenny Gafner
Byron Philpot
Michelle Salo
Bree Watt
Jozsef Koczian
Tim Smith
Judy Cochran
Rick Ohmie
Aaron Anderson
Joelene Montgomery
Debbie Sanders
Cathy Grant
Jon Glynn
Christine VanOeveran
Kerri Tefft
Derrick Elkins

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