Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Extreme Makeover & DELTA Ministries


Episode Airs Sunday Night, April 2nd, 2006 (subject to change, check your local listings)
God has a wild imagination and occasionally HE provides unique opportunities. DELTA Ministries was handed such an opportunity when it was discovered that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition had accepted a special family submitted to the show by DELTA staff members. DELTA Ministries was introduced to Sadie Holmes while planning a community outreach in Orlando, Florida. DELTA Ministries was moved by her story and submitted her name to the show. Sadie Holmes, a single mother of five living in Altamonte Springs, Florida, became burdened to help those in her neighborhood who are without adequate food, clothing or lodging.

Sadie credits her relationship with the Lord as what helped her overcome drug addiction and led her to establish an organization to help others in need. Moved by their plight she started her own nonprofit ministry, Sadie Holmes Help Service, collecting provisions and using her home as a resource center. Last year, two hurricanes hit Florida damaging the home. While repairing this damage with limited insurance money, a fire broke out and destroyed the rest of the home leaving nothing but a burned out shell. With the needs of the community still great and no place else to go, Sadie cleaned out the house and continued to use the shell of a home to run the nonprofit organization. Now, Sadie has a beautiful new home in addition to an adjacent building to continue her nonprofit ministry to her community. During the filming (Feb 17-24), DELTA sent a short-term volunteer team to Orlando to participate in the show. In addition to submitting the family, DELTA’s Team Leader, Asher Sarjent, was instrumental in securing a $50,000 college scholarship to Belhaven College- Maitland Campus which was presented to Sadie during the week.

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Extreme Makeover

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