Saturday, February 11, 2006

Men's Leadership Ministry Breakfast

New Life Church men eating breakfastMen and food are a good combo!
Dick Patty was the speaker for the Men's Leadership Breakfast this morning at Robinwood. He challenged the men to lead at home. Twenty-six men listened as he shared a lifetime of experience training children to be leaders.

His advice included:

"If I had it to do again, I'd make it a major goal to raise wise children."
"Legalism is the enemy of wisdom."
"Wisdom is being able to project out into the future and figure out what the consequences of your actions will be."
"We didn't teach them to be leaders. We taught them to be responsible to people and projects."
"We wanted them to respect us and elders, not because we needed to be respected, but because things go better for people when they respect their parents."
"We taught them that other people's needs are more important than how you feel at the moment."
"I asked myself, 'What will matter 3 million years from now?"

Pastor Nathan had a little too much caffiene!Dick Patty talking about raising children.Peanut butter and Jelly in the morning?

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