Saturday, January 21, 2006

Psalms 139:1-18 a paraphrase

2 Brees-Bree Watt with Bree SchaffsmaNew Life Church will be worshipping through and meditating on Psalm 139 this week. Here is a paraphrase of Psalms 139:1-18 (written January 5, 2000 by Bree Watt for Blake, age 5 and Ty age 2).

1 “Jesus…You have watched me and watched me and You know me better than anybody in the whole world knows me.
2 You even know when and where I sit down, and when I get out of bed. You realize what all my thinking is going to be about before I even think it!
3 You know when I go out to play when I snuggle down under my covers to fall asleep at night. You show me your love for me by how much You care about EVERY big and little thing I do.
4 Before I say even one word, You know what that word is and what I am going to mean when I say it. Wow, Jesus!
5 Because You are everywhere at the same time, You are a circle around me. You keep me safe from anything that might be scary in front of me, and anything scary behind me; Your big, strong right-hand is around my shoulders.
6 You are so smart, Jesus, smarter than anybody I know. Even if my head were as big as a mountain and full, full of brains, I still wouldn’t be as smart as You are.
7 Where can I hide from you, Jesus? When I play hide-and-seek you always know right where I’m hiding. I can never run away from you, can I Jesus?
8 Because even if I get on an airplane or fly in a rocket ship way, way up in the sky… are there with me in the sky. But what if I dig a deep, deep hole with a big huge tractor and slide way down to the bottom on a rope? It would be so dark down there! Would you be all the way down in the dirt with me, Jesus? You say,”YES!” You are there with me no matter how far down I am.
9 If I wake up right when the sun is peaking over the mountains and it’s still kind-of dark outside, even though everybody else is still asleep…you’re not Jesus. You never sleep. You are awake with me. If I have to pack up all my toys and stuff and move over the ocean to another country where the people look different and talk different and I don’t know anybody and don’t have friends…who is my friend there? YOU are Jesus! Even in that far-away place.
10 Your strong hand will be holding onto mine and you will be walking the right way, showing me where to go and what to do. You will never let go of my hand, Jesus. You are too strong to ever let our hands slide apart; you love me too much to ever let go.
11 What if I turn off all the lights in the whole house and it’s dark outside too and then I go hide in my closet. Will I be hiding from you, Jesus? No, of course not! That’s silly because….
12 You can see perfectly in the dark. You can see everything just as good in the nighttime with out any lights on as you can in the daytime outside when the sun is shining as bright as it can.
13 You made-up my personality, Jesus and gave it to me. My smile, my laugh, how I walk, how I sound when I talk, the color of my hair, the shape of my nose, even the size of my big toe!
14 I want to thank you, Jesus for making me. You did a great job. The truth is, everything you do is great because you never make mistakes!
15 I have never been out of your sight, Jesus. Even when I was still in my mommy’s tummy. You could see me. Nobody else could see me but you could. You made sure that I turned out just right.
16 Every single day of my whole life was already written down by you in a special book before I was even born. You knew what I was going to do today when it was yesterday and right now, you know all about what I am going to do tomorrow.
17 I think all your thoughts are so neat Jesus and you have so many thoughts! If I tried to count how many thoughts you have, I couldn’t, even if I could count to one thousand and more! I might be able to count each little piece of sand if I had a small handful but you have more thoughts than each little piece of sand in my whole sandbox! Jesus, your thoughts are more than all the little pieces of sand next to all the oceans in the whole world! Wow! That’s a lot of thinking that you do.
18 You are all of these things, Jesus. Everything we just learned and more. How safe and happy I feel when I remember that no matter where I go or how long I sleep…when I wake-up, you are still with me.


RevReav said...

I hope Bree will look at the blog now that she's on it!

Anonymous said...

This adaption is wonderful! I'm so excited to share it with my own kids. Thank you for writing it Bree. It's really cool to be able to read this Psalm from the eyes of a child...since we are God's kids!