Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Winter Youth Celebration Update

Pastor Jason wrote the following in an email from Winter Youth this afternoon:

So far we are having the time of our lives out here at Jantzen Beach. The theme this year is “We Shall Behold Him: Life as Worship.” The speakers have been incredible, inspiring, and unbelievably encouraging!

Yesterday we were split up between Freshman & Sophmores and Juniors & Seniors. However, the basic message to the two groups was basically the same: Life your life as a mission to show the rest of the world who God is. The following discussion in our group was very insightful! The observations and questions raised by teens amazed even me!

The keynote speaker has been encouraging us to (1) recognized our lives as designed for the specific purpose of worshipping God (“The most loving thing God will ever do is allowing us the opportunity to worship Him.”), and (2) realize that a proper understanding of the Gospel opens the door wide open to making our lives an act of worship (“If you get the Gospel, you can worship God in any and every setting and situation at any time.”).
Please continue to pray for our students.

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