Thursday, December 08, 2005

New Life Church Is Open For Christmas!

Here is an interesting article about churches not holding services on Christmas Sunday entitled The Empty Churches of Christmas. It was written in response to news articles like this one from Fox News.

A few churches in our area are between a rock and a hard place because they meet in schools and can't lease the school buildings on a contract holiday. But, several others in our area are cancelling church on Christmas Sunday.

Wise men, shepherds, old men and women, aunts and uncles, and angels all had one response to the birth of Jesus -- Worship. The cancellation of church services is every bit as interesting a phenomenon as the outcry against Target, Walmart, and others calling their trees, "Holiday Trees."

Here is a recent Oregonian opinion piece about that phenomenon. As you might expect some people reacted strongly to that piece. Maybe we should just put the "X" back in Xmas.

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