Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Top Ten

As we look back on 2005 it is good to remember the Lord’s faithfulness to our church in the big and little things. To that end I’ve come up with a top-ten list. If you’ve got others add please them in the comments below.

Drum roll please. . .

10. The blog started. :o)
9. Tim Watt joined the New Life Church staff in the nick of time. Just weeks before launch he became the worship leader for New Life Robinwood.
8. Received two mission teams from Salado, Texas, demonstrating what we’ve known all along – we live in the mission field.
7. Paid off over $400,000 on the Robinwood building mortgage and built a parking lot there through many generous gifts and by selling two of our rental houses!
6. Anniversaries: We celebrated 10 years of service for Coffee Cart (on what was their 11th year) and 10 years for our Christmas Dessert Theater.
5. Baptisms: We baptized 22 people this year – the most in the past 20 years. On August 28th at the Haugens 13 people followed Christ in baptism, 11 of whom were middle schoolers. We had baptisms on both Easter and on Christmas this year.
4. Started two new things for kids! We added Sports Camp to Music Camp during the summer and started Treasure Island midweek ministry in the Fall.
3. Sent 16 New Life members on short term mission trips all around the world. Lori & Carol went to Ukraine. Nate & Aaron went to Malaysia. Five renewed our friendship with the church in Ostia, Italy. And a seven-member team went to Pass Christian, Mississippi. Among other things that happened on that trip, they had the biggest mission potluck ever for their report.
2. Changed the name of the church. On Easter Sunday morning West Linn Baptist church became known as New Life Church, with the anticipation of being in as many as four locations within West Linn before long.
1. Started a new church in West Linn! The Robinwood congregation began regular services on September 25, 2005!

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