Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Our pet rabbit, Oreo, died yesterday. We had her funeral in the rain under the fir trees in our yard on Halloween.

She hopped into our family about four years ago when she hopped first into our garden. We learned later that one of the neighbors had let her run loose. We let her stay in the garden for a while until a stranger man (turns out it was that neighbor) came uninvited and without permission into our yard and began chasing her. We decided we better do something to protect her.

We borrowed a live-animal trap from the Bruecherts. Oreo calmly stretched out beside the trap and fell asleep. She rested in the rows of beans and under the deck. One day she was sunning herself and I crept up to her and petted her. Soon she was eating out of my hands and I just picked her up. She has been part of the family ever since.

We named her ‘Oreo’ because she was black with a white stripe in the middle. After a couple months we got her a companion who was also a dutch rabbit, with similar black and white markings. She had a little more white so she became ‘Double-Stuff’.

Here are some of the ways me and my family benefited from having Oreo in our lives:

  1. We recognized God’s grace in bringing her into our family. You know I would never go seeking a pet, so one came seeking me. Finding her in our garden is one of my favorite gardening experiences.

  2. We learned daily discipline is essential to survival. She would have died long ago if “feed rabbits” was not on the chore list.

  3. We saw anew that life is not forever. God has not intended even the good things in this world to last forever.

  4. We can sympathize better with people who lose things they love.

  5. We resolve again to love eternal things more and things that pass away less.

  6. We learned to enjoy temporary things while there is still time. If you put off playing together, or going for walks too long, someday it will be too late.

  7. I learned sometimes it is worth it to change your mind. I am generally anti-pet. In this case, changing was a good idea.

  8. I learned that rabbits can be house-broken. (I read it on the internet, but we never tried).

Sometimes God's grace and His lessons hop into our lives in the most unexpected ways.


Anonymous said...

Layne, Lisa, Lauren, Leslie and Taylor: Sorry to hear about Oreo. It must have been a pretty special rabbit to cause your Dad to think more highly of pets! We lost two cats, Genesis and Malachi, this summer, so I know it is hard to say good-bye. I'm glad for the years you got to enjoy Oreo.
Love, Mrs. Cochran

Anonymous said...


So, God has time to arrange for you to meet pets? Are you that important or is it that She has hours, even days on her hands? Here's hoping that between setting you up with pets, the Almighty finds a few minutes to spare to address famine, AIDS and the war in Iraq. (Not to worry, I'm sure you expect Her to locate Oreo II for you first.)

Shallow, self-centered fools like you give religion a bad name.

Anonymous said...

This is actually a very sweet post. I am sorry about your loss. (BTW, Shame on you, Jemima)

KJ said...

I'm so sorry about your loss of Oreo guys! The loss of a pet can be really hard! I'm so glad she hopped into your lives and hearts when she did!:)

Jemima...I'm so sorry! It makes me so sad that it seems you've been so hurt by "Christians" that you took the time to register on this blog and write out a comment that was so filled with anger....I want you to know that the one true God is a compassionate, loving God who is big enough to not only care about world famine, the Iraq war and people & families hurting & dying from AIDs---He is also big enough and personal enough that He cares about our seemingly small hurts too--like losing a pet.....Jemima...God also really, deeply loves you too..regardles of what you think, say or believe about Him...
Just my thoughts,