Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What do people notice about our church?

What do people notice first in a church? What do they notice first in our church? You may not know that we ask them. We do, and here is a sampling:

"Friendliness & greetings."

"The friendliness of the members."

"People were very warm and friendly."

"People were just NOT friendly."

"The people there were very willing to go out of their way and welcome us in."

"Friendly greeters."

"The positive atmosphere and friendly faces; the worship."

Maybe you notice a theme. Now, granted, when we sent my mom a postcard said she liked the sermon! But most people notice people of the church long before they notice the pastor. In fact, they're often convinced about what the church is like before the announcements even start.

I want to encourage you that you make a difference in how people respond to Jesus when they come to church. Let it be a matter of prayer and then action for you to make a difference every Sunday.

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