Thursday, October 20, 2005

New Life Servant

Ben serving the Lord at New Life ChurchWhen he’s not directing a choir or leading music at a youth event, Ben Ross is a mild-mannered servant of the Lord who uses his unique talents to make a difference for New Life Church.

I overheard people talking about what a good job Ben did leading the choir last Sunday, coat flapping as his arms signaled a crescendo of praise. He’s been a faithful servant musically with his saxophone and voice in the music department for a couple years now. In the past few weeks he has begun leading worship for the high school and middle school students on Wednesday nights.

His greatest impact, though, may not be where you see him, but where you don’t. Ben designed the church logo. He’s published a style guide and web guide to help us use the logo as it was designed to be used. In addition, he has designed the logo and web page for the Remnant, New Life Church’s high school ministry. The Coffee Cart banner is his creation, too. The visual impact of all those is remarkable.

Even as I am writing this, he is redesigning New Life Church’s website from top to bottom. Ben, thanks for doing what only you can do to serve the Lord and his church.


Anonymous said...

I agree. He has done a great job!
Thank you!
Leslie Reavely

Judy Cochran said...

Ben is very talented and graciously uses his gifts to serve the Lord. Plus he's a really good guy! Thank you Ben!