Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Psalm 73:25 Whom have I in heaven but you?
"It is the spirit of a truly godly man to prefer God before all other things, either in heaven or on earth. He prefers God before nothing else that actually is in heaven. Every godly man has his heart in heaven; his affections are mainly set on heaven and what is to be had there. Heaven is his chosen country and inheritance. He has respect to heaven and as a traveler who is on occasion abroad in a distant land has to his own country. The traveler can content himself to be in a strange land for a while, until his present occasion and business is over; but his own native land is preferred by him to all others (Hebrews 11:13ff).

So also the respect which a godly person has for heaven may be compared to the respect which a child has when he is abroad for a little while; but the place to which he desires to return, and in which he desires to dwell, is his own home at his father's house (John 14:2; 20:17).

Now the main reason why the godly man has his heart thus in heaven is because God is there; that is the palace of the most high God. It is the place where God is gloriously present, where He is to be seen, where He is to be enjoyed, where His love is gloriously manifested, where the godly may be with Him, see Him as He is, and love, serve, praise, and enjoy Him perfectly. It is for this chiefly that a godly man desire heaven.

-- Quoted in Devotions from the pen of Jonathan Edwards, p. 36.

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