Saturday, September 10, 2005

Showing God's Love In A Practical Way

Showing God's Love in a Practical WayPastor Nathan & I used our new beverage backpack this morning. It was great fun. We'd love to offer the opportunity to anyone in the church.

You don't have to be a great spokesperson for God or the church. In fact, we didn't say anything other than, "Would you like some free hot chocolate," to anyone until they asked. Most just made comments almost anyone would enjoy receiving. "That's so cool." "Wow." "Are you like the free-hot-chocolate-guy?" "Look honey, he's got hot chocolate in the backpack!" "I brought my own hot chocolate, but I want some from the backpack. The thermos is so 'old-school.'"

It is so easy to respond when someone asks, "Why are you doing this?" Our responses varied. We tried, "To show the love of Jesus in a practical way." "We are trying out our new backpack." "We are starting a church in the neighborhood." "I've spent plenty of time on the soccer field sidelines and was looking for a way to show mercy to those who are still there." "Our church has been giving free hot chocolate to WLHS kids for a long and we decided to take it on the road." (Well, I didn't get to use that one -- next time.)

We would love to have one two-hour shift, from 9-11:00 each Saturday to go from one soccer game to another and give away free hot chocolate or coffee. We'll get you everything you need to have a great time. Only a few of you have ever been as popular as you will be with the new backpack!

You can sign up by leaving a comment with the Saturday date you'd like. Two people will need to go together. Feel free to leave questions, too.

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Judy Cochran said...

I'll be sure and give you Sam's baseball schedule. I could've used some hot chocolate as I watched his game today in the cold!
I love the idea of serving our community this way.