Saturday, September 10, 2005

New Life Servants

Well Done, Good and Faithful ServantsKen and Joanne Weiss were disappointed when someone suggested we highlight them as New Life Servants. They have always shied away from attention and the spotlight (as you can see them doing in this picture).

If I were to tell the truth, the whole idea of highlighting people with servants hearts originated when I was thinking of them. My initial word for it was "Hero". God's word for it is "servant".

Ken and Joanne were heroes from almost day one as they loaned their computer expertise to the church. They do our church website. They publish the electronic VOICE. They design and print of the postcards and invitations we use at church. And, they run to help when our computers won't work at the church. They also help other ministries with their websites and operational needs.

Yes, but that doesn't explain the dirt on Ken's shirt in the picture or the "Robinwood" banner in the background. No, it doesn't. In a previous life, Ken learned to do construction work and is not afraid to use it to serve the Lord. He has worked almost ceaselessly to get the Robinwood buildings ready for use. He's created and manages a project list on the 'members' part of our website.

Ken and Joanne embody the servant spirit that will allow us to succeed at being one church in many locations. Recently someone needed to make a decision about some project at Robinwood. They looked to Ken because he was always there working and probably knew better what to do than any of the rest of us. In response, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Tell me what to do and I'll do it. After all, I don't even go here."

He's also regularly building something for "Skate Church" or The Luis Palau organization.

So, Ken and Joanne -- Thank you. You are serving the Lord, but you are heroes to me.


LuvLee said...

Amen to that!!!
Joanne & Ken are not afraid to get dirty or 'painty' and have put a whole lot of hard work into the church that they don't even go to!
We can see that their hearts and their treasure are in the same place.
Thank you Ken & Joanne!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ken and Joanne for all you do for your friends and family. No matter how busy you are, you both are always willing to help others. You have touched the hearts of many and you truly are a special couple.