Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Life Servants

Service with a smile Mark and Bonnie Hannifan went above and beyond in service to the church and to the Lord's people last Sunday. In planning the baptism and helping get 13 people ready to communicate the gospel, I had forgotten that refreshments don't just happen by themselves.

So, at 10:30 on Sunday morning I asked Bonnie if she thought she could do anything to help. She said, "Yeah, no problem. How many do you expect?"

"Well, if you figure one family for each person being baptized, about a hundred," I replied. So they set about getting simple refreshments for a hundred people.

They carted them to the Haugen's back yard and found about 200 people sitting there! So, they went back to Costco to get supplies for the rest of us. Mark and Bonnie, thank you for your extra effort to make our afternoon a good one.

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Judy Cochran said...

Mark and Bonnie are awesome! Whenever we have a social event I always see them serving, and with smiles on their faces! Thank you!