Saturday, August 06, 2005

Three Trust Christ During Beach Bash

The high school students and leaders are excited about the partial week they spent at the beach. They took 18 young people to the beach and three of them trusted Christed as their savior for the first time. Praise the Lord!

The weather was good. No one was swept out to sea. Everyone got along. But they were most excited to present the gospel to responsive, God-prepared hearts.

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Kelly J.:) said...

There is nothing more exciting than to be along for the ride when the Holy Spirit is working! Being able to be a part of the Beach Bash trip was and honor and privilege I will not long forget! Being able to talk to a young man who only minutes earlier accepted Christ as his savior was a blessing beyond belief! As he clung to me and shared why he made the decision to follow Christ--it was apparent to me that this young man had truly "walked with God for the first time" as he described his walk on the beach that morning and then to end his day with accepting Christ as his savior--WOW!!!! is all I can say.... Fifteen years ago, I planned and participated in trips like this all the time--it's awesome to see that while some of the culture of teens has changed--the needs of teens have not! Tons of love & unconditional acceptance, some good ol' fashioned fun, a structured environment, some amazing food and THE TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL can still pave the way for God to work! I can't express how incredible it is to have God choose to draw people to Himself right in front of you on a trip you have prayed over and worked with others to plan--to God be the Glory! And to think--Jason & Mishaela get to work with these students all the time! :)