Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Primer on Discipleship

On Monday, our elders listened to a recording of a class taught by Howard Hendricks. He has been greatly used by God in cultivating not only seminary students to lead, but laymen who grow daily as disciples of Christ.

He shared what he called a primer on discipleship. Or, how to go about following Christ. I thought it was great. He suggests five things:

  1. Develop an eternal perspective. "Focus on the permanent not the perishing."
  2. Model the Savior. "Spend your life mastering the Master's life."
  3. Become a servant. "When people start treating you like a servant, you'll know you are one." "Lead by serving and serve by leading."
  4. Cultivate your faith. "You don't learn faith in church, you learn it in life."
  5. Commit people to obedience. "The opposite of ignorance is not knowledge, but obedience."

His point is that it's not really that complicated at all to follow Christ. You only have to do a few things. I hope this encourages you as you follow Christ.

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